Sunday, 3 March 2013


Dear Llys Nini
Mo Mo came home with us just two weeks ago, she has settled in so well - I can't imagine our home without her!
She is a real character and loves her walks and her treats but best of all loves to be curled up on the sofa with all of us around her.
Mo Mo is still unsure of other dogs when we are out walking, but as long as they leave her alone she is quite happy.
She is excellent in the house, no accidents at all. She is very curious around the house and has managed the stairs on occasions, going up was OK but coming down was a different matter and she is quite a size to carry!!
Have attached some photos of her at home and out and about. We wont be able to make the mutt strutt on the 24th March but will keep an eye out for other events to come back and visit.
Best wishes
Jane, Mark, Rebecca and Mo Mo xx


shirley said...

Hey there, i am Big Mo's biggest fan! Thankyou for the wonderful update, i have been waiting to hear how she has been doing,and she looks lovely in the pics! Awww i am soooo pleased, oh Mosey its lovely to see you in your home all comfy on the sofa, take care lots of love xx

shirley said...

She looks gorgeous in the photos, im so glad she is behaving herself as she does like to be the boss!
Thank you so much for giving her a home, god bless you all, i would love to come and visit her to give her a surprise! ;) x

Pam said...

think I might have posted my comment incorrectly so here goes again. Delighted to hear about Mo-Mo as she was around when we adopted Barney in Nov 2012 and like Barney so deserved a loving home. Barney was perfect for the first two weeks though some issues have arisen since - all manageable and they haven't stopped us loving him to bits. All the best with Mo-Mo - it's heart warming to see.

shirley said...

oh Mosey I love your nose'y hope your behaving yourself ;)