Monday, 8 April 2013


Just to let you know how Jasper is getting on.
As you know, Jasper has been with us for almost a month now and has settled in extremely well very quickly. He is very protective of his new home and lets people know he now lives here. He has the run of our large sloping garden and gets plenty of exercise running after the ball we throw him and fetching it back up. He loves playing ball with the string attached and tosses this from side to side, quite often hitting his face with the ball, but he doesn't seem to care, he is just as happy playing by himself as he is playing with us. We have taken him to LLansteffan Beach a few times which he loves and taken him for several walks through nearby fields where we can play ball.
He is a very loving and happy dog wanting lots of fuss and attention and lots of playtime. He has put weight on since being with us, approximately 5 kilos which has pleased us as he was quite thin and gangly when we first took him home. He is very cheeky as he already knows where his food is kept and thinks because he goes and sits where his food is stored, he will get more food. He also comes over to us and sits and puts his paw on our knees as if asking for titbits. We have almost stopped him jumping up, he only does this now when he is excited.
We have had a few mishaps with him, such as chewing the front doormat, digging holes in the lawn and eating the tops off a few of my daffadils but he is only a 6-month old puppy and he is doing puppy things. If this is all he does, then we can't complain.
I attach a few photos of Jasper which I'm sure you will love - he is a real poser.
He's simply a wonderful dog and we love him to bits.
Kind regards,
Pat & John Hills

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