Monday, 14 July 2014


Hi Mary, Patch is doing very well. He settled in as soon as i got him home and has bonded with me instantly. He has met a few people and it has gone very well, He accepts me as pack leader and is happy for me to deal with everything. Feeding has proved to be a bit tricky but after a couple of days i have worked out what he is happy with and he has a mix of burns, skinners & naturediet chicken(which he loves). I am feeding him once a day which seems to be going well. 2 walks a day and ball chasing in the garden in the evening. You would be amazed at how happy and relaxed he is, When he did start to growl at a stupid man who was staring at him i just said NO and he instantly stopped. He curls up with me and lays all four paws on me and goes to sleep after his main walk which is about 1.5 hours.
I can touch him all over without any problem, rub him down, it is as though he has been with me for years. He has been off the lead at times since Friday with perfect recall. I have left him for 4 hours on thursday to go shopping and when i got home he had been asleep upstairs on  the computer chair and as soon as i called him he flew down the stairs and leapt all over me.
Still more work to be done, but so far excellent would be an understatement.
I have added 4 pics for you to see.
Best wishes Alan.

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