Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hi Mary,Cody has been with us now for just over a year!  For the first few days cody was very aware of his new surroundings, being deaf he was very vigilant about his own safety, the smallest movement would make him jump and run in panic, keeping his eyes closed was a battle as he felt insecure and vulnerable!  with time, including a set pattern of regular routine, hand signals interaction with Roxy our German Shepherd, who was the most helpful of all to Cody, simply because of animal social skills, when she becomes alert, he does, when she performs an excercise  also gets rewarded for it he learnt to mirror her! Cody and Roxy are a perfect match together!
Cody enjoys training and is doing remarkably well in our training classes! he loves every human he meets, and is very tolerant around most dogs when they don't get to intense around him,
Like every dog Cody walks miles daily, The highlight of this year was to achieve climbing to the top of PenY fan in Brecon and sharing the experience with both Cody and Roxy!! I can tell by the grin on his face he also enjoyed the experience! Cody being deaf, dosen't hold him back he lives life to the full, he is la very affectionate dog, and a pleasure to share our lives with, our only regret is that he didn't come into our lives before, we can't imagine life without Cody, we are really lucky to have such a wonderful dog!!!

Love Pam x

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