Saturday, 30 August 2014



We just wanted to give you a quick update on Ellie who came into you with her friend Mia.  I have been attending dog  classes with her and today Ellie passed her bronze level of the Good Dog Manners Scheme, plus she got a rosette as she had the highest score in the class, I am so pleased with her at seven years old I think its fab.  We are going on to try for the Silver level next.  It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks Emoji.

Kind regards
Angela & Ellie

Just wanted to let you all know that Ellie has settled in and she is a really good girl.  She is a real joy and fun to have around.  We have taken her to Pembrey a few times and on Thursday we let her off the lead on the beach, she was great really enjoyed being free and having a good run after her ball.  When she is at home she spends most of her time playing with her toys in the garden or chasing the birds!!  We are taking her camping next week end, we have got plenty of walks planned to take her on.
Thank you for letting us have such a great fun loving dog.  Here are some pictures of her.

Kind Regards
Angela, Jason and Ellie

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hi all
Just to let you know that Beauty is settling in well.
It is 8.20am and she has had a 3 mile run with Max, and the wife (!) a big breakfast, and a huge play race around the fields with Max chasing a tennis ball.
She has made the old church pew in the front porch her daytime resting place as she can overlook the yard.
She slept the night on my son’s bed!
All the best

Thursday, 7 August 2014


1) Llansteffan Bay, Carmarthenshire
2)  My 8 year old son and Sam
3)  Henryhd Waterfalls, Aberdulais
4)  Lamswell Bay, Gower

These are just some of the beautiful locations that we have taken our Sam.  He is an absolute pleasure, well behaved, walks to heel,  without a lead, re-calls to a whistle, fabulous with my 8 year old and friends, now very good with other dogs after not being used to them, one of my cats now ''associate'' in the same room with Sam, and sleeps quite comfortably in the same room, albeit they will never be 'bed buddies'. That day I thought I would never see.
We were going to take Sam to training classes, but he has listened to our words & actions so much & just wants to please...he is an absolute pleasure, my 8 year old is so confident with him, as we are with them both....we leave him walk Sam the walk home from school, he takes him round the block & Sam is just the well behaved good dog he is.
We didnt take this decision lightly, my partner has had dogs previously...I had not, I had cats for 18+ years. I have 2 cats, a massive fair goldfish who is ancient & a snake.
I was wary about a Mum who lives by me told me ''Dont expect us to look after it, big responsibility''
Oh yes, Sam has totally won Mum & Dad over, cant go up there without receiving treats.....he is an absolute pleasure to all he meets....we have been so lucky :)
This is one happy Llys Nini Story