Sunday, 29 June 2014


I thought I'd better let you all know how Flynn is settling in to his new life

After reading everything we could on Rottweilers pre Flynn's arrival, we were very aware that he might be dominant, and need some strict rules, and had issues with food...

He came home, had a good look around his new house, checked out the garden ( didn't go upstairs - seems he did not understand them) and then collapsed on the floor so we could play with him... SUBMIT, seems to be his middle name!!

The beach was a whole new experience - he was confused by the sand - and very wary of the sea

He is excellent on the lead, and we took him to the woods on the 2nd day, and let him off the lead in the stream - he had obviously not seen water before, and he was so funny and sweet - and confused - but enjoyed him self so much

By night 3, he slept through the night ( I think he was worn out), the neighbours, the dog walker - and his 4 grandchildren, the neighbours kids, all think he is marvellous - I think he has been a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, but has welcomed the stroking - and as is his trait - collapsed on his back at every opportunity ( obviously we are very close by)

The first couple of days, he did knock his food bowl out of my hands a couple of times, as  he wanted his food - but that has stopped now. Although he has worked out where the treat cupboard is, and does sit looking "thin" sometimes!!

So, overall, I think he is very happy - he has obviously had a lot of new experiences - I suspect his previous life must have been very dull and restricted. He is still quite clingy, but it's only been a week - and it has been an absolute pleasure having him as part of our family - he's certainly got a great character!

I hope Floyd has gone to his new home also..

Best Wishes


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